In 1920, Miles commenced business activities in the state of Indiana. Almost a century later, a lot has changed - we've developed a unique expertise in printing on plastics as well as UV printing, and today Miles Printing is certified as a 100% women-owned business. What has never changed is our commitment to quality, and to innovation.

To strengthen resources and expand deliverables, Miles has developed a strong strategic plan to broadens our scope of capabilities to span beyond the traditional printing company. Add that to our already expert competencies - like plastics printing, and our state-of-the-art UV printing capabilities - and it's clear that Miles Printing is committed to expanding the frontiers of what a commercial printer can do.

Today's online marketing options and new media platforms continue to add many tools to the marketers toolbox. Big data will tell us more about our audience than we can even imagine. All of this comes at a time when marketing budgets have been challenged and return on investment is more critical than ever.

Through all of that, Print has remained, and will continue to be the most powerful way to touch your audience. Never has been there a time when putting the right printed piece in the hands of your audience at exactly the right time been more important.

We can help with that. That's what we do best.


Everyone loves Amazon, right? It’s lightning fast. Personalized. Simple.What if your company offered that kind of on-demand, easy online shopping experience? Customized business cards for your employees. Branded apparel for your customers. Signage,...