Memorable Messaging: Wide Format Delivers


Steps are not just steps at the State Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana where a staircase is considered valuable real estate and a creative way to broadcast meaningful and memorable marketing messages. 

As the Indiana State Museum prepares to celebrate it's 150th Anniversary in 2019, they wanted to not only reflect their past, but their ability to lead into the future.  Transforming a staircase into a billboard is proof of their over-arching mission to become more than a museum.

“We were thrilled to work with Miles Printing on this project. We’re excited about the big changes we’re making, and we wanted to make sure our graphics were as bold and innovative as our new galleries are. Miles Printing went above and beyond to make sure that our guests’ reaction was ‘wow!’ before they even set foot in the galleries.”
Christine J. Totten
Vice President of Marketing, Indiana State Museum

Think about your space.  Do you have valuable real estate that's hiding in plain sight just waiting for your marketing message?  If you need help figuring out how to optimize it, contact us here to discover miles of ideas.

Thank to the Indiana State Museum for almost 150 years of educational experiences and for your pursuit of a bold vision for museums of the future.  Bravo!