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Miles Printing took home the prestigious honor of BEST OF STATE:  INDIANA for FULFILLING THE PROMISE, Indiana University's Brand Guidelines by the Great Lakes Graphics Association on May 24, 2017.

An intensive project completed in August 2016, IU's brand book was carefully planned and executed by our team alongside Kay Daniel, Print Production Coordinator, Creative Services, IU Communications.  This award-winning project was also highly praised by our client which there is no greater reward.

“Miles Printing thanked us for having them print our Indiana University brand book. Frankly, they are the only printer we trusted to produce this book for us. A great deal of that trust has been built over the years by Cathy Combs, our tireless account representative, who makes us look good. She handled our last-minute changes one day before we were supposed to go on press with equanimity and professionalism.”

–Kay Daniel, Print Production Coordinator, Creative Services, IU Communications


To learn more about HOW we created BEST OF STATE, read our Red is sacRed MILEStone below:


ABOUT Great Lakes Graphics Association

The Great Lakes Graphics Association (GLGA) brings together three strong and successful industry associations, creating an organization that is positioned to best advocate for and provide services to printers and graphics companies in a three-state area. The Printing Industry of Illinois/Indiana Association (PII) and the Printing Industries of Wisconsin (PIW) merged in 2011 to create GLGA, a new association that represents 13 percent of the total print market in the United States. GLGA’s three-state region accounts for combined annual shipments of nearly $19 billion, according to the Printing Industries of America’s most recent Print Market Atlas.