Setting up a print and fulfillment plan isn't difficult. The most important factor is you should work with your print and fulfillment partner(s) when devising your plan. Including your vendor partners in the planning stage helps everyone be on the same page and helps flag any issues that may occur.


Here are 3 steps to follow to begin your print / fulfillment plan:

  1. Identify what your regular printing needs are and estimate what unexpected needs you might encounter throughout the year. The best way to do this is look back at your print needs from the previous year.
  2. Review your current printing and fulfillment process and see where there are lag times that cause delay and extra costs. Example: freight from your printer to the fulfillment house if you are using 2 separate vendors.
  3. Decide what products should be printed in bulk up front and inventoried, and which products should be produced as needed.  Let's take for instance one of your products is a SALES KIT that includes a high-end pocket folder, 12 sales reference sheets and a pen. You would want to produce the pocket folders and pens all at once to save on set-up and make ready costs since these products are going to be less expensive per piece in higher quantities. The sales reference sheets can be printed on-demand as ordered since the print process for these is relative low set-up and printing in bulk will not result in a significant cost savings. Plus, you will have the availability to change or update your content of these reference sheets throughout the year.

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