Print Marketing VS Digital Marketing: Who wins?


In the 1984 hit film Ghostbusters, Harold Ramis’s character Dr. Egon Spengler claimed, “Print is Dead”. Thirty years later print is alive and strong.

While there has been a shift in the way ad dollars are spent and print over the last 30 years has lost ground to digital media, the entire landscape has changed. The Internet, advent of mobile computing and social media converged like a tsunami to reinvent media.

Gone were the days of physical content. But then a funny thing happened; because of its tactile nature, print became more legitimate. It’s credibility soared, people simply believe it more, information sits deeper within a readers mind with print.

Digital media with its immediacy caters to the desires of the 24-hour news cycle. Its impact can be immediate. A video can be viewed millions of times overnight on buzz alone. The free marketing channels of social media and YouTube have allowed businesses an opportunity once reserved for only the Fortune 500.

Print and Digital media need each other more than ever in 2014. While the jury may still be out on who will lead the charge. A media plan leaving either off the menu is leaving customers hungry. Not only do they complement each other, they each triumph in areas the other lacks. Comfort with print and be immediate with digital.