How to Create 3D Floor Graphics

A 3D Floor Graphic printed at Miles

We recently wrote a blog on 3D floor graphics and have seen a great interest on the subject.  One of the biggest questions we are being asked is "how do I create them?".  Here at Miles Printing, we print and install 3D graphics, but creating the actual artwork is something that we DO NOT DO.

Perspective is the key to creating the three dimensional look.  We found a great tutorial here that gives the fundamentals of creating 3D art.  Most artist suggest starting with a grid in order to skew the perspective of an object to make it appear three dimensional. 

Another key of an effective 3D floor graphics is to know where the graphics is going to be placed.  Knowing the location and placement up front will help to determine the proper prospective to create the art in.  For example, if your graphic is going to be on a dark floor at the end of a hall, you will need to elongate the object and set overhead highlights in order to make the object appear real. 

Creating the artwork for a 3D graphics can be a bit challenging but with a little practice and patience it can be done.   One helpful hint if you are struggling is to draw it out on paper first.  Once you are happy with the drawing, translate it back into Creative Suite to create the artwork.