"Paper or Plastic?" for your brochure

When you think about summer, you may think about barbecues, swimming pools, and exposure to the UV rays of the sun. But there’s another type of UV to consider that’s a bit more business-oriented:UV ink.


Miles prints with 100% UV ink, which gives us the capability of doing some pretty creative things on both paper and on plastic. UV inks deliver more high gloss finish than traditional inks, the results can be dramatic – especially when they are coupled with specialty inks and coatings.

UV inks are also apt to be brighter than traditional ink, because they don’t require a traditional drying process, which fades color as it slowly dries and gets absorbed into the paper stock. UV ink dry almost immediately, so it will never smear.

Another plus? UV inks are greener and better for the environment than traditional inks. And, they can be printed on virtually any substrate – flat or shiny, vinyl, plastic, paper -- even cloth, glass or metal.

Next time you consider stock and the finished look of your project, also consider the type of ink you’ll use. Think UV ink… and know that your project will get the visual attention it deserves.