Perfect Printing...Is it possible?

Can a manufacturing company deliver a perfect product 100% of the time?


Our answer is ABSOLUTELY.  

Clients in regulated industries account for 77% of Miles Printing’s revenue and these clients require their products to meet certain standards.  If their products (including printing) do not meet the criteria, they can face hefty fines, delays in product to market, and much more.

At Miles, we have created a Zero Defects program that ensures deliverables are defect free - 100% of the time. We have invested in sophisticated scanning and camera system technology in many areas including prepress, pressroom, bindery, and mailing.  These cameras scan and detect any errors, allowing us to only deliver perfect product.  Many of the camera systems were being used in other fields and Miles Printing worked with the technology providers to tailor the systems specifically for our use.

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We take out all the defects before we deliver the product ensuring we "deliver a perfect product 100% of the time."