The Key to Printing on Plastic

As the first printer in Indiana to print on plastic, Miles Printing has perfected the technique over the years.  


The most important factor is to choose UV inks.  

Of course, there are many plastic based products currently on the market that can be printed using conventional or digital inks, but we have found many of these products have issues standing the test of time.  

If your project is needed for long term use or if it needs to stand up to wear and tear, printing with UV ink is going to be your best option.  UV inks are cured on the plastic immediately which hardens the ink and allows it to stand up to repeated use, environmental elements such as the sun, and chemicals like cleaning solutions.

Finding a printer who utilizes UV inks can open up a world of options to allow your product to stand out among the rest.  UV inks can not only print on plastic substrates, but they also can be used on materials such as wood, foil, vinyl, metal and cloth.