What does WBE mean?

Have you seen a company promoting itself as a WBE and wondered exactly what those 3 letters mean? 


WBE stands for Woman-Owned Business Enterprise.  In order to be a CERTIFED WBE, a business must meet several standards and be evaluated by the State or City in which they are certified.

Miles Printing is a certified WBE with both the State of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis.  We are also certified in several other states that we do significant business in.

In order to receive these certifications we have to complete a rigourus audit every few years and meet several many requirments including:

To be certified, an applicant must (a) be a qualifying member – a minority or woman or multiple within category, (b) own 51% of the enterprise, (c) control the business, (d) have requisite expertise, and (e) be a U.S. citizen.

For more information on how to be certified as a WBE in the State of Indiana, please visit http://www.in.gov/idoa/mwbe/index.htm