3D Floor Graphics : The Latest Trend

Floor graphics have been around for 20+ years, but it has not been until recently that they have become a serious tool for grabbing attention.

One of the latest and most effective uses for floor graphics is to create a "3D Floor Graphics".  3D floor graphics are technically the exact same as a traditional graphic but the design takes over.  These interactive decals are meant to match the surface they are adhered to and create the illusion of the floor coming to life.  The idea behind a 3D floor graphic is to make those looking have to think twice before realizing that the piece is an actual decal.

Here are some of our favorite examples of 3D Floor Graphics:


We produced the above Devil's Cut floor graphic which is meant to create the illusion that the floor has split open and flames are coming from the depths below.  The design was used as a photo opportunity - the guests would actually stand on the top barrel next to the whiskey bottle and in the dim light it created the illusion that they were surrounded by fire!


This floor graphic is the largest mural ever completed. It was part of the seventh annual Guinness World Records Day in 2012. British artists ’3D Joe & Max,’ won the event with this incredible 3D street mural that measures 9,601 square feet. “The massive optical illusion depicts a waterfall cascading into a deep gorge, making it look as though the members of the Reebok/CrossFit (The Sponsor) team are performing death-defying stunts.”

Photo / Article Credit: http://crossfitrampage.com/2012/02/272012-wednesday/


These 2 floor graphic images are a great example of how to use a smaller floor decal effectively to create the 3 dimensional illusion.  The key to effectiveness is to use your environment to your advantage - work with your surface and not against it!  The above coffee cup is a great example - this decal is placed on a manhole cover and the designer used the steam coming from the street's opening to their advantage and as part of the design!