How to Print Business Cards That Won't Get Thrown Away


In the competitive, crowded world of modern marketing, standing out above the crowd can be a demanding task. Brand awareness is more important than ever, and having professional, visually attractive marketing materials is a must.

Business cards are a great example of a classic method which is still going strong, but not all business cards are created equal - particularly today.

Some businesspeople choose the DIY approach to business cards, which provides a great opportunity for savvy competitors to get a leg up. A business card, properly designed and printed, often makes a positive long-term impression in the minds of customers and prospects alike.

Put simply, the level of professionalism shown in the creation of the business card reflects directly on the business represented by the card, so a do-it-yourself business card is a dangerous choice. UV printing is one of the best methods available to make a truly attractive business card.

Is a high-quality business card really that important?

In a word, yes. To understand why this is the case, it helps to look at the process from the consumer's point of view. Would you be more likely to patronize a business whose advertising materials are shoddy and unprofessional, or would you choose the business with attractive, highly professional advertising? Most people would choose the latter option.

In many cases, your business card works as a first impression, or the proverbial “foot in the door.” The better your business card looks, the better your business looks in the eyes of the consumer. 

Image credit: Michael Kappel