4 Ways We Make Printing Green


One of the most pressing issues in today's business, political and scientific world is whether or not everyone is doing their part to be environmentally safe. With debates resulting in new laws and regulations, and especially with a more savvy and eco-oriented consumer base, it becomes even more important that a company works hard to be environmentally friendly and be considered green in the eyes of consumers.

This is especially obvious in the printing world. Energy-efficient production and tailored solutions to each consumer's demand can enable a company to waste little to no resources in the process of satisfying the work order. One of the leading companies in this field is Miles Printing. As a constantly innovating and improving company, we've established a good reputation for being eco-friendly by setting a number of goals and pursuing them, becoming a green printing solution.

1. Going digital and reducing paper usage

By going digital throughout our company, Miles has reduced company-wide paper usage by up to 50%, by intelligently keeping hard copies of only required files and creating a computer network that backs up other files and allows them to be accessed across the company without having to use paper.

2. 100% green power usage

When going green, it is important to ensure that energy usage is green, too. At Miles we do this by drastically reducing lighting costs and other energy costs throughout the company. We were, in fact, the 1st company in Indiana to completely utilize 100% green power, and the 5th nationwide. This green power stems from natural sources such as wind, and through the recycling of waste product via biomass and landfill gas facilities, using waste for fuel and resulting in very little to no harmful emissions.

3. Recycling and changing material usage

While large scale green practices such as utilizing 100% green power are major influences on why we are considered a green company, other smaller-scale projects help as well. A nuanced recycling program ensures everything from ink, aluminum, paper and other commonly used materials is recycled, not thrown away in landfills. We set up recycling programs to aid employees at home.

Our dedication to this is shown in the 8 person team we've utilized to push for these changes and analyze the best ways to be a green printing solution. One of the leading changes that they've figured out is the removal of styrofoam cups. This seems almost like a random decision, but it's not. Many companies use tons of styrofoam throughout the year and as a plastics-derived substance, styrofoam is one of the most harmful materials, refusing to be broken down easily. By removing their usage entirely, Miles takes another strong step towards being completely eco-friendly.

4. Making the printing process green

What other advances have we made to ensure our green printing solution is the best it can be? Changes include the use of a closed-loop system, ensuring waste is not sent into the septic system and is instead recycled for further use. Our use of 2% VOC soy inks has reduced emissions to the point that we no longer need an air permit. Our commitment is so strong that we are consistently ranked in the top 10 of printer companies for annual green purchases.

At Miles, we're extremely proud to be considered one of the greenest companies in Indiana, not to mention a trusted green printing partner. And with companies and consumers paying more attention than ever to their ecological impact, we think this makes us not only a good choice economically, but a safe and moral choice as well.