Digital Storefronts: Fast. Personalized. Powerful.

Everyone loves Amazon, right? It’s lightning fast. Personalized. Simple.

What if your company offered that kind of on-demand, easy online shopping experience? Customized business cards for your employees. Branded apparel for your customers. Signage, letterhead, shirts, plush toys … whatever you can dream up. We can make it happen. And we can create a professional, navigable digital storefront to make ordering and fulfillment a cinch.

Take Sallie Mae and Fifth Third Bank for example (we love working with these guys, by the way). In the past, Fifth Third Banks needing lending brochures for their teller desks would order them from Sallie Mae. They were branded Sallie Mae and didn’t represent the local branch at all. Then the companies partnered with Miles Printing to create a powerful, easy-to-use digital storefront. Now Fifth Third employees simply log in, select the print piece they want, and choose from personalized options including logos, locations, URLs, rates, colors, and photos. They get to make the piece their own, and customers get more targeted, relevant information. Not to mention the employees can specify quantities and get the pieces delivered directly to them in 3-4 days. Easy peasy.

So why consider a digital storefront?

  • Efficiency & convenience: We know you’ve got better things to do. Hand over the busy work that goes with fulfilling orders on things like internal marketing pieces, business cards, or customer chotchkies. Let a personalized online portal--and our team--do the heavy lifting for you. Our sites also have powerful reporting capabilities so you can monitor sales, create reports, and adjust accordingly. Not to mention your orders can be produced and shipped quickly--in hand in usually 3-5 days.
  • Brand stewardship: Have a rogue department that likes to put their own special spin on company logo usage or other brand elements? Eek. It’s time to reign that in and ensure that your brand is represented consistently and professionally. IUPUI, for example, partnered with us to create a site where employees can order business cards, letterhead, etc. They simply input their information and we produce the pieces quickly on IUPUI-approved templates.
  • Cost-savings: This is a big one. We’re all watching budgets closely these days. Digital storefronts can help in several ways. First, Miles can handle projects from start to finish. From photography to site creation to storing, fulfilling, and shipping orders, you can eliminate the time and money that comes with working with multiple partners. Second, because orders can be customized and placed as needed, you reduce waste. The days of discarding thousands of outdated brochures are over. Lastly, the real-time site analytics allow you to monitor sales closely and make cost-effective adjustments as needed.

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