Miles Printing adds the Speedmaster to its press fleet

The Speedmaster SM 52 from Heidelberg is the answer for short, fast, quality press runs.  With dramatically shorter make ready times, we can print more jobs each day at significantly lower cost.   The press expansion is the result of anticipating our customers’ needs. 

Miles Printing's customers have been requesting high-quality short runs so they can quickly respond to market conditions; while maintaining traditional inks and coatings. Miles connects with its customers upstream and plans for their downstream needs, a highly unique approach. 

“We truly are partners with our customers and we work closely with them to accomplish their goals” said Lynne Churchill, President of Miles Printing.


  • Up to 90 percent less waste
  • Up to 50 percent shorter make ready times
  • Up to 50 percent higher productivity
  • Bridges the gap between digital and commercial printing
  • Perfect for standardized print jobs
  • Ability to coat in-line
  • Utilizes traditional printing inks

Anicolor is a short inking unit that distributes ink volume across the entire sheet; producing consistent offset quality.  The Anicolor inking unit cuts make ready time and waste due to its technology of utilizing a single ink zone concept.

Click HERE to learn more about the Speedmaster, or CONTACT US to see for yourself.  We truly enjoy giving tours of our world-class 120,000 ft. facility so if you haven’t been in for a tour; please accept our open invitation to see us in action!