Prescription Information on Display


Find a convenient way to display Prescribing Information (PI) with its product while displaying in a doctor's office.  The PI must be readily available where the product is being promoted so patients or Heath Care Providers may see the poster and then take a PI with them if desired


Miles' initial solution was a glossy product poster backed with an adhesive which sticks to an office wall without damaging it.  Attached to the product poster was a paper box printed with the drug's name, designed to hold PI's.

While this solution was effective, Miles subsequently refined it by making the PI box clear, fold-in plastic.  Since printing a paper box with the drug's name is no longer required, our pharmaceutical client enjoys a cost savings.  In addition, the see-through box makes it easier for our pharmaceutical client's sales representatives to spot a low supply of PI's and refill.


These attractive, efficient PI displays printed by Miles were used in nearly 200,000 doctors' office nationwide.