Miles Printing produces

perfect red for IU's brand book

In just a few years, Indiana University will celebrate its bicentennial and as a precursor to the celebration, IU created FULFILLING THE PROMISE, a new branding effort to celebrate the university’s deep crimson history.  Miles Printing was selected to produce IU’s spiral bound 100 page brand book (with two fold outs and poster included) to respect and protect their brand which is almost as old as the state of Indiana itself. 

For nearly 200 years, the color red has been associated with Indiana University.  Adopted from Indiana’s state bird, the Red Bird or Cardinal, red is truly a sacred color and “the perfect red” is of critical importance to Indiana University’s past and its future. 

Indiana University is built upon broad-minded thinkers where artistic contributions and world-altering inventions happen year after year.  It’s fitting that IU’s team would entrust Miles Printing, in business for almost a century, to print their brand standards, where the same bedrock foundation exists inside a company that produces world-class print communications everyday.

From the onset of the project, IU’s brand book, or what Miles Printing refers to the “red bible” was handled with white gloves.  For months prior to actual printing, the Miles team worked diligently with IU on every aspect of the brand book which began with the color builds themselves.  A color build, or color profile, is based upon colors added together that result in a single number which is used as a guide to match inks across all printing and digital platforms.  In IU’s case, the Miles color management team identified a way to improve color output by rebuilding certain colors within their brand palette to insure better output quality.  Let that settle…

Miles Printing improved and locked-down IU’s well established brand colors that have been in use for almost two centuries.  The print pros at Miles Printing hold a color-critical consciousness, and were bold and brave enough to suggest the adjustment of sacred colors that have been associated with IU, thereby establishing new color and quality guidelines for the brand itself. 

For months prior to press, the Miles Printing teams met to discuss the intricacies of the red bible.  Once final files arrived from IU, Miles Printing was “living and breathing red” throughout planning sessions. 

“It starts to rumble when we have paper.  Even though we have reestablished color builds and we have final files, we need to wait until the paper arrives.  You can’t take yellow out of paper.  Paper is the 5th color and every lot is different,” according to Jim Wachob, Prepress/Color Manager.  

Once lots of paper were analyzed, presses where scheduled and Kay Daniel, Print Production Coordinator, Creative Services, IU Communications, was at press to observe Miles Printing’s “critical process.”

On August 31, 2016, IU released their brand book to the world.  A few weeks later, Miles Printing celebrated a MILEStone itself based on the experience and its 2 year partnership with IUPUI with a rebranding effort of its own:  Miles Ahead.  Miles of Red.   Lynne Churchill, President of Miles Printing remarks, “IU and Miles have a lot in common.  We share a deep history in the state of Indiana as a trusted organization built by strong leadership and brave community-builders.  We are privileged to have IU as our partner, and we look forward to working closely with IU’s team into the next century.”


“Miles Printing thanked us for having them print our Indiana University brand book.  Frankly, they are the only printer we trusted to produce this book for us.”
-Kay Daniel, Print Production Coordinator, Creative Services, IU Communication



Miles Printing celebrates nearly 100 years in business and its two year partnership with IUPUI, online and on campus, providing faculty and staff with the highest quality of printing and customer service that Indiana University trusts and expects.