Sustainability - including economic and environmental sustainability - is a priority interest for most progressive organizations today.  In addition to increasing stakeholder value through profitable growth, many advanced companies realize that to be truly sustainable, they must grow responsibly and reduce their impact on the environment.

For many years, Miles Printing has been committed to reducing our ecological footprint on the planet and to preserving natural resources for future generations.  We have also been committed to helping our customers achieve their corporate social responsibility goals.

One important Miles customer, a Fortune 500 biotechnology industry leader headquartered on the west coast, has an established corporate social responsibility program, including aggressive environmental sustainability targets.  Carbon/energy reduction, waste reduction, and water reduction 2020 targets have been set, and progress is measured annually. 

The company recognized an opportunity to conserve energy and reduce its carbon footprint by optimizing logistics efficiency related to printed materials.  While this is a west coast based company, its’ sales and marketing materials are housed in a fulfillment and distribution center located in the mid-west.  By partnering with a printer located in close proximity to the fulfillment house, the company could virtually eliminate all cross-country printed material shipments, providing freight savings and lower carbon emissions.

The challenge was to identify printing vendors that not only are located near the fulfillment house but that also possess the necessary certifications and qualifications to print for the highly regulated biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry.  Miles and other potential vendors presented their capabilities, shared their certifications, discussed their own sustainability programs, and summarized the freight savings potential.  Miles Printing met the challenge and was selected as this biotech client’s mid-west printing and fulfillment partner.

Air and truck shipping has been eliminated for over 800,000 pounds of printed deliverables annually, and the customer still has peace-of-mind that materials will be printed accurately and within compliance (e.g., FDA, HIPAA, etc.).  The close proximity also allows for more frequent, small run deliveries by van, which enhances dock-to-stock time of the sales & marketing materials, often improving speed to market.  In addition, Miles uses green power to print the materials, further optimizing energy efficiency.

Through this partnership, the customer’s freight costs have been reduced by over a million dollars a year.  Perhaps even more importantly, a reduction of ~475 metric tons of carbon emissions have been eliminated annually, providing substantial progression toward the corporation’s 2020 environmental sustainability target.

Lynne Churchill, President of Miles Printing, said, “To Miles, ‘green’ is more than a color.  We are always looking for ways to reduce our ecological footprint and we are always looking for monetary savings for our customers, ourselves, and all involved stakeholders.” 

Miles’ strives to be a role model for others in the printing industry, achieving sustainability today, tomorrow, together . . .