In the highly regulated health and life sciences industries, defects can be deadly . . . deadly to consumers, deadly to brands, and deadly to a company’s bottom line.  To protect the safety of patients and the integrity of clients, Team Miles knows that we must relentlessly drive for and achieve print and deliverable perfection.

With the shared mission of ensuring that all patients receive 100% FDA compliant deliverables, free of manufacturing defects, Miles collaborated with a long-time client and partner, who is an industry-leading Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company, to develop a unique FDA Zero Defect Guarantee Program

The FDA Zero Defect Guarantee Program is driven by ongoing crucial actions by both the customer and Miles.  The customer refined and tightened its’ processes, including very well-defined client specifications and file-type submissions.  On the printer side, Miles has deployed an advanced Quality Management System of continuous improvement, which includes state-of-the art technology coupled with human expertise and commitment. 

Miles has invested in highly sophisticated file verification software and equipment that compares, pixel-by-pixel, Miles-generated ripped proofs to the client supplied FDA approved “truth” file.  The system is so sensitive that it can detect the difference between a colon and a semi-colon in a six-point font size.  With this level of precision, our pharmaceutical partner is guaranteed that their printed deliverables will be 100% FDA content compliant, 100% of the time.  This automated system also reduces lead times and increases speed to market.  In fact, the client recently said, “We haven’t had an FDA reportable event in years.  When I know it needs to be done right and on time, I trust Miles.  In addition to ensuring FDA compliance, Miles goes the extra mile to avoid all types of defects and to promote our brands in the best possible light.”

Lynne Churchill, president of Miles Printing, said, “We know that accurate, precise communications are especially critical for our customers in health-related fields.  They must mitigate patient information risk and effectively market the scientific discoveries and innovations in which they have invested so much time and money. We are very pleased to say that our zero defect destination goal is being achieved day in and day out, thanks to our valued pharmaceutical partner and our dedicated Miles Printing team.”

Over 100 million pharmaceutical and health industry deliverables have been shipped, with enhanced speed to market, 100% defect free, 100% FDA compliant!